Audio-visual and Venue Requirements

for "Aama's Journey: A Pilgrimage Between Continents and Cultures."
a 55 minute presentation

One standard Kodak Carousel slide projector (or a model compatible with slide carousels), plus remote slide changer, must be provided, and a large screen set up for sequential vertical and horizontal slide projection. Mr. Coburn would be grateful if the projector and screen can be set up in advance.

Note that two slide projectors - if the venue can provide them - is helpful but not essential. For the dissolves, all slides will be overlapping/ sequential (not side by side) projection onto the screen, vertical and horizontal format. The speaker can provide his (35mm, glass-mounted) slides in two 80-slide trays for faded projection, in alternating sequence, and a dissolve unit (fader) if needed. Mr. Coburn will need to be able to advance the slides himself from where he is standing.

Please contact Mr. Coburn if projected video from a CD is the preferred means of projection, as this is also possible.

Mr. Coburn prefers a lavalier mic, but a hand-held mic that won't restrict movement within about an eight foot radius is fine. He prefers to stand near the screen, and not behind a podium.

Audio tape:
Mr. Coburn will have a standard cassette tape or a CD from which he would like to have about 1 minute of recorded sound played to the audience (Aama speaking and singing a devotional song). A simple "boom box" type of system may be sufficient, if necessary, but it is preferable to patch the tape deck into the PA system.

One or two tables should be placed at the back or side of the room for materials (such as the speaker's books), if appropriate for the program.