University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Anthropology
Hale Building
233 UCB
Boulder. Colorado 80309-0233
(303) 492-2547

26 April 2002

On behalf of the Department of Anthropology and the Center for Asian Studies, I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation of "Aama's Journey: A Pilgrimage Between Continents and Cultures" here at the University of Colorado. We are so delighted that you were able to come here to share Aama's story with CU students, faculty, and folks from the Boulder community. Of the numerous events that I have been involved with over the last year, your presentation is the one that people still rave about. You both touched people's hearts and got them thinking-a true achievement!

Aama's story is moving on so many levels-in terms of exposing people to the richness of her Nepali culture, in considering the delights and difficulties of cross-cultural interactions, and in seeing anew our own American culture through her eyes. Your presentation style conveyed her story with depth, warmth, thoughtfulness, and humor. One result was that all those who attended gained a renewed faith in the value of learning and sharing across cultures, an especially important lesson in our post-9/11 world.

I want to particularly thank you for taking the time to include background information about Nepal and the Gurung people. For the many students who attended the presentation, this helped contextualize your presentation with all that they had been learning in class. Present at your presentation were students from the anthropology, history, religion, geography, Asian Studies, women's studies, and beyond. As a professor, I can ensure you that one of the most exciting things is to see a spark in the eyes of a student. You not only had their attention, but you generated sparks aplenty! We hope that you will be able to return to the University of Colorado to share your relationship with and lessons from Aama with future groups of students. In addition, I will recommend your presentation to colleagues at other colleges and universities, knowing that their students and community will benefit from it as much as ours did.

Again, thank you so very much!